UNDET at FARO 3D Conference 2017

UNDET at FARO 3D Conference 2017

The 6th edition of the FARO 3D Conference will be held on April 27-28 in the greater Stuttgart area, Kraftwerk, Rottweil. The conference offers the latest state of the art in reality capture and emphasizes more than ever the learning and knowledge exchange in technical hands-on trainings, with interesting real user examples, and the opportunity to discuss and network with the 3D community and FARO experts. You can learn from the best in the business, discuss with thought leaders and innovators, and share industry trends, experiences, insights and visions.

Visit Undet at Faro 3D Exhibition. We are sponsors of the event and will be showcasing our latest point cloud software developments for Undet4AutoCAD and Undet4SketchUp.

Visit Undet Work Shop session in the afternoon of April 27th (Thursday) and learn how to efficiently process massive point clouds in AutoCAD. The workshop is dedicated to top-class service providers that are striving for productivity and efficiency in as-built documentation works. See full conference agenda here.

What do FARO users say about UNDET?

Tori Wilkinson, CAD Manager for Siteline Geomatics

“We have used Undet for close to a year now and have found the improvements in our workflow to be significant. The interface is very user-friendly and highly intuitive and the software incredibly stable, allowing us to work with far larger data sets within the AutoCAD environment than was previously possible.”

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Andrew Maltby, Chartered Surveyor and one of the directors for Maltby Land Surveys

“UNDET’s roots stem from practising surveyors with a firm grasp on surveying principles. It’s refreshing to have access to software developers that have a clear understanding of what surveyors need.”

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