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AWS S3 Project Management with Undet Browser

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First, you will need to create your Amazon AWS S3 account. Second, you will need to generate a new access key in the IAM settings. (Tutorial on how to create an Amazon S3 AWS account and find access key’s.)

Follow the steps below to upload the Undet Browser project to your S3 server:

Step 1. Open the Undet browser and load your project. Navigate to Script settings and select Amazon S3
Undet Script Settings

Step 2. Fill in the Host name,Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

Step 3. To upload your current project, click on Upload Current – uploading will start immediately.

Step 4. To view the list of uploaded projects, click on Load

Step 5. By clicking on a project name, you can either delete it from the list or copy the S3 link. This link allows you to share the Undet browser project for viewing.

Example of custom link with QC report.



  • Please note: The measuring functions  (such as getting coordinates) work only in the Undet Browser

    and do not work in other browsers (Chrome, Brave, etc.).
  • (To open the Under Browser project uploaded to Amazon S3, simply copy-paste the direct link into Undet Browser and press “OK.”)

– Remember to keep your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key confidential to protect your AWS resources.

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