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How to create an Undet Browser project?

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Undet Browser project can be created using the latest UNDET Indexer (UNDET project creator). Click here to download the latest Undet Indexer installation file.

Undet Indexer Settings:

To create an Undet Browser project, need to select “Create Undet Browser Project” in Undet Indexer settings. Undet Project creation tutorial.

If you are a new user, this settings dialogue will be displayed every time you create an Undet project. You can also open the settings manually, the settings button –


– Your Point Cloud data files should be structured with station center information; otherwise, panoramic images will not be created.

– Supported Point Cloud data file formats: *.E57, *.IPCP, *.FLS, *.ZFS, *.RCP, *.PTX

– The project name can’t be changed using the “rename” function.

– Undet does not support Unicode characters (@#$%!^&*абвдгж…) in the path and in the project name. Therefore, please avoid using these symbols.

Updated 23-02-2022

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