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Section extrusion Block

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Section extrusion Block

C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\section extraction.pngsection extraction

Section Extrusion you will find in a ribbon panel called Section Extrusion. This is a 3D modelling feature that greatly increase modelling productivity for structural elements such as beams or columns. It already has some predefined profile section blocks but you can also use your own custom or standardized blocks.


The feature includes:

Automated block conversion into 3D solid object and automated extrusion to the ViewSection extends.

Automated Layering for every extracted element this features works great in synergy with Undet SmartBoard – 3D modelling dialog.

IMG_256 Extrude to VS extents – Creates a 3D solid by extruding selected profile section to the ViewSection extents
IMG_256 Extrude – Creates a 3D solid by extruding selected profile section
IMG_256 Rectangular Section – Inserts a rectangular profile section block
IMG_256 I Section – Inserts I profile section block
IMG_256 O Section – Inserts O profile section block
IMG_256 L Section – Inserts L profile section block
IMG_256 T Section – Inserts T profile section block
IMG_256 U Section – Inserts U profile section block
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