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Software suite UI: ARES Commander and Undet

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Graphical User Interface and Control

Software Suite: ARES Commander and Undet for Ares Commander

The software suite comprises two main programs:

ARES Commander: powerful CAD software for creating and editing drawings. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for design and drafting. More info about ARES Commander -> https://www.graebert.com/cad-software/ares-commander/

Undet tools: Undet is a specialized point cloud plugin that integrates seamlessly with ARES Commander. It facilitates the management and visualization of point cloud data, enhancing the capabilities of the ARES Commander.

General Overview of Undet Tools UI

The Undet interface features several key components:

Ribbon Menu: When you open ARES Commander, you’ll always find UNDET conveniently located in the Ribbon Menu on the default CAD General workspace. This integration provides easy access to UNDET’ powerful tools and features right from the start.

Scan Data: The Scan Data section is where you work with point cloud data. It allows you to view, slice, change colors, group & manage visibility of point clouds.

Workspace Floor Plans (UNDET): This versatile workspace is created for rapid 2D modelling and annotations. It enables you to efficiently handle various tasks, including floor plans, ceiling plans, facades, and cross-sectional views.

ARES Commander UI

ARES Commander is a powerful CAD software that offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features for DWG editing.

User Interface: ARES Commander has a familiar and intuitive user interface similar to AutoCAD, making it easier for AutoCAD users to transition to ARES Commander.

Command Line: ARES Commander also includes a command line interface that allows you to enter commands and access various tools and features, similar to AutoCAD.

File Compatibility: ARES Commander supports the DWG file format, the same format AutoCAD used. You can easily open and edit DWG files in ARES Commander without compatibility issues.


Getting Started with ARES Commander for DWG Editing:

Official Documentation: The best place to start is by referring to the official documentation provided by the ARES Commander. Open Ares Commander and press “F1” to open the User Manual.

Online Tutorials: You can find online tutorials on the YouTube platform, where the official ARES Commander changes upload videos demonstrating how to perform specific tasks or edit DWG files using ARES Commander.



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