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Setting up drawing plane (UCS) for floor plan vectorization in ARES Commander

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This video demonstrates choosing and setting up a drawing plane (UCS) to vectorize the floor plan.

Here are the steps covered in the video:

  1. Switch the colouring to greyscale and focus only on the point cloud geometry.
  2. Go to the top view and increase transparency to 80-90% in the colouring settings to make the point cloud more transparent.
  3. Set up a custom coordinate system (UCS) using the “View and CCS by Line” tool and select a reference wall, preferably the longest external.
  4. Use the LINE command to draw a line and then use the ROTATE command with the Ortho (F8) mode to rotate the line and fit it to the point cloud.
  5. Check the new orientation by verifying how it fits with the inside geometry.
  6. Draw the reference lines for the area of interest using the rectangle tool.
  7. Save the new UCS by typing UCS and choosing its name.
  8. Set the elevation of the reference level to 0 for all objects that will be added and vectorized.
  9. If you have multiple drawings or floors, save the DWG file and make a copy for each floor.
  10. Open the copied DWG file and use the custom UCS to follow the point cloud and vectorize the main outlines of the building.
  11. Use the line, polyline, or rectangle tool to draw the outlines, ensuring that the lines are perpendicular and parallel to each other.


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