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Undet indexer is standalone software and it is free with all Undet solutions. Undet Indexer can be installed only on Windows PC. To install the Undet Indexer simply run the downloaded Undet Indexer.exe file and follow the instructions.

Most Anti-Virus software will recognize that application is encrypted and will not generate false alarms. Some Anti-Virus software could mark protected application as ‘packed’, ‘armored’ or ‘encrypted’. This does not mean that any specific virus is detected in protected application. These are actually not exact malware/virus reports but false alerts generated by heuristic engines of these Anti-Virus products. Sometimes they respond, sometimes they do not, this is hurting everyone, us, our clients and end users and the source/solution for the problem are Anti-Virus companies. What we can confirm is that all of our software are virus free. 

Note regarding installation:
Undet requires the latest Microsoft Framework; FARO SDK; Z+F SDK, which is a heavy update, that might take some time to install. But if your PC is up to date it should take just a couple minutes.

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