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Undet Browser with Undet for SketchUp

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First, you need to open the same UNDET point cloud project in the Undet for SketchUp plugin, and in the Undet Browser app.

NOTE: Undet Browser <-> Undet for SketchUp integration is only compatible with the latest versions of:

Undet for SketchUp or later.

Undet Browser or later.

How to open Undet Browser project?

Undet for SketchUp buttons for Undet Browser functionality.

There are two ways to open 360 scan station views in the Undet browser from the SketchUp model space.

1st – way: Double-click the left mouse button on the center symbol of the scanning station – the sphere. Use the data files menu section in the UNDET Scan data to enable/disable (BB) scan station center symbols.

As a result of your selected scan possition will be opened at Undet browser in North view.

2nd – way: By pressing the [View Sync] button and picking a point cloud point.

As a result of your picked point cloud point, you will get the nearest scan station panoramic views oriented to your selected area. By pressing “Accept”, you can choose the most relevant view.

Undet Browser functions list:

Several functions can be enabled at the same time.

[Draw Points] – Enables / disables function to place a point in the SketchUp model by clicking in Panoramic Scan View.
[Translate View Section] – Enables / disables function to auto-update Undet view section location.
[Change Elevation] – Enables / disables function to change drawing Z value.

Undet Browser functionality with Undet for SketchUp

Place 3D point in SketchUp model by clicking in browser

Undet Browser function   place point  in SketchUp model by clicking in Panoramic Scan View. This function allows you to easily mark any objects or places clearly in visible scan station panoramic views.

View section translation in SketchUp model by clicking in browser

Fast view section translation can be peformed by activating button. Clicking anywhere in the Undet Browser that clicked point will be geometrical center of newly translated active clipping box. This function will not change size of current clipping box it will only change clipping box possition.

Change Elevation in SketchUp model by clicking in browser

Activate function and  clicking anywhere in the Undet Browser your project Z value will change to clicked point Z value. 


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