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Logical classes tab

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Logical Classes Tab

UNDET Logic Classes Tab allows You to create, edit and assign Logic Classes into different groups, classify View Sections or parts of View Sections by Logic Classes, export to LAS, PSG and ASCII formats, using Logic Classes menu or directly in Logic Classes List.

C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\logical clases tab1.pnglogical clases tab1

C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\groupgroup.pnggroupgroup Group Creates a new group or merges selected Logical Classes to new group.

Quick tip: You can select multiple files at once by holding Ctrl or Shift button.

C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\group remove.pnggroup remove Remove Removes selected Group or Logic Class from List. Removed Logic Class points will be assigned to unclassified Class.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\group undo.pnggroup undo Undo Reverses last Group Panel command.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\add class.pngadd class Add Class Creates new empty Logic Class.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\classify class.pngclassify class Classify Moves active View Section points to defined Logic Class. You can create new Logic Class or choose existing one from the launched dialog list.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\merge.pngmerge Merge Merges selected Logic Classes to the first Class of selected items.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\group up down.pnggroup up down Up or Down Moves UP or DOWN and changes selected record position inside the Group on the Logical Classes List.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\export to las.pngexport to las Export to .las Creates a LAS file or multiple files with selected Logical Classes names.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\export to ascii.pngexport to ascii Export to .ASCII Creates an ASCII type file or multiple files with selected Logical Classes names. Desired format can be specified in launches File Format Dialog Box.

Usually if Your project is created from terrestrial laser scanner data it will not have any logical classes created. But if Your project will be created with mobile or LiDAR scanners it might have Logical Classes classified. Undet will recognize them and You will be able to manage them directly from Logical Classes tab.

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