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Multiple GPU’s

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If you have two GPUs in your system you have to make sure that Undet uses the dedicated NVIDIA or AMD graphics card and not your onboard integrated GPU.

General Solution for Intel HD/AMD Integrated cards

You are working on a notebook machine, please follow these instructions to disable the Intel/AMD integrated graphics card via the Windows Device Manager:

WARNING: On some systems, the following steps may be harmful and can only be reverted via Windows Safe-Mode.

  1. Pressing Windows + S will open the native Windows search function, perform a search for ‘Device Manager’
  2. Expand the Display adapters from the list displayed in the Device Manager.
  3. If you see an ‘Intel HD Graphics’ or ‘AMD mobile’ card listed, right click on it and choose Disable from the menu.
Windows Device maanger

Your system will now automatically use the second GPU in your system. However, if you are using a notebook, you probably want to follow the instructions above, because disabling your Intel HD/AMD mobile graphics card can increase your power consumption and therefore reduce your battery time.

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