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What are the free features of Undet Browser?

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Undet Browser works as a standalone point cloud viewer. That will help users to navigate through their point cloud data, take simple measurements such as heights and distances and share the point cloud projects for viewing and analyzing with colleagues and customers – even those with little or no 3D/CAD skills.

Top toolbar

Back Move back in action history.
Forward Move forward in action history.
Log Out Log out to select a new project.
Refresh Refresh Undet browser view.
Alway on top Undet browser always on top mode.
About Find your Undet browser version and check for updates.
Help Link to Undet Knowledge base.


Side toolbar

Mini Map Navigate between scan positions.

Click on the Mini Map to enter full-screen mode and navigate between scan positions of the chosen group more quickly.

Group selection Choose a group of scans.
Scan positions Navigate between different scan positions.
Coloring Coloring range of Intensity and RGB.
GET commands Use tools for measurements in Undet Browser view:

[Get Coordinates] – Get XYZ coordinates of selected point.
[Get Distance Z]– Measure height between to points (Z value)
[Get Distance XY]– Measure  2D distance between two points (XY value) 
[Get Distance XYZ] – Measure 3D distance between two points (XYZ value)
[Toggle background] – Change background color. 
[Clipboard] – Copy value to clipboard. 

Visual parameters Modify visual view parameters:

Exposure – Increase / decrease point cloud brightness.
Lights – Increase / decrease point cloud lights.
Shadows – Increase / decrease point cloud shadows.
Strength – Increase / decrease point cloud sharpness.

(doubleclick resets to 0).


Right Mouse click Tools

There are some functions accessible via the right mouse click (only Undet Project users).

Maximize/Restore – To maximize/restore the Undet Browser window.

Change Control mode – Cursor control modes (follow), (moveto), (drag).

Views – Normal, FishEye, Stereographic, Architectural, Pannini, Little Planet views.

Refresh Groups – Update Undet Project groups if there were group changes in your current open project. Example (renamed group, moved group to another group, etc.)

Crop Schema – Crop only required place of Minimap for better performance and easier workflow.

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