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Undet Browser with Undet for AutoCAD

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Firstly, you need to open the same UNDET point cloud project in the Undet for AutoCAD plug-in and after that in the Undet Browser software.

NOTE: Undet Browser <-> Undet for AutoCAD integration is only compatible with the latest versions of:

Undet for AutoCAD version: or later.

Undet Browser version: or later.

How to open Undet Browser project?

The table below lists of the Undet Browser features that work with the Undet for AutoCAD plug-in.

[Draw Points] – Enables / disables function to place point in the CAD model by clicking in Panoramic Scan View.
[Add Annotations] – Enables / disables function to add an annotation in Panoramic Scan View (only Webshare Cloud users).
[Add Herfs] – Enables / disables function to add a hyperlink to Panoramic Scan View screenshot when selecting 3D point in CAD model.
[Translate View Section] – Enables / disables function to update Undet Clipping Box location by clicking in panoramic scan view.
[Change Elevation] – Enables / disables function to assign Z value to draw new CAD object (line, polyline).
[Script] – Enables / disables to use manually written script.
[Settings] – Script settings dialogue to set the script you want to use.

Note: Several functions can be enabled at the same time.

Undet Browser functionality between Undet for AutoCAD plug-in

There are two ways to open 360 scan station views in the Undet browser from the AutoCAD model space.

1st – way: Double-click the left mouse button on the center symbol of the scanning station – the sphere. Use the data files menu section in the Undet tool palette to enable/disable (BB) scan station center symbols. 

As a result of your selected scan position will be opened at Undet browser in North view.

2nd – way: By pressing the [Undet Browser] button and picking a point cloud point from AutoCAD model space. The [Undet Browser] tool will locate the scan station view in the Undet Browser by picked point cloud point. 

As a result of your picked point cloud point, you will get the nearest scan station panoramic views oriented to your selected point area. By pressing [Accept] you can choose the most relevant view. 

How to use Undet Browser with Undet for AutoCAD plug-in, please watch the video below:

Updated 05-03-2022

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