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Simplify point cloud management with Undet Browser Integration

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This video explains how to use Undet Browser (point cloud viewer) to quickly view 360-degree photos of any scan positions, shift point cloud slice using Undet Browser, draw points and lines from viewer to Ares Commander, and use specialized scripts to annotate your drawing. Viewers can simplify point cloud management and drawing annotating workflow by following these techniques to achieve better results.

Key Features of Undet Browser:

  1. Panoramic Viewing: Undet Browser allows you to browse your point cloud scans as panoramic images from the outside and inside of the scanned area.
  2. Coloring Modes: You can switch between different coloring modes to visualize the point cloud data differently.
  3. Measurements: Undet Browser provides tools for taking measurements on the point cloud data, allowing you to analyze distances and dimensions.
  4. Point Cloud Usability Management: Undet Browser enhances the usability of point clouds by providing features such as section translation and clipping box manipulation. These features allow you to focus on specific areas of the point cloud and easily understand the objects within them.
  5. Syncing Scans: Instead of manually clicking on multiple scan station markers, Undet Browser offers a sync command that automatically shows how an object looks from different scan stations. This feature helps understand objects’ shape and appearance within the point cloud.
  6. Annotation and Scripting: Undet Browser lets you annotate your point cloud data by adding labels, levels, and other annotations. It also supports scripting, allowing you to automate annotation tasks and customize the provided scripts.
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