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Graphical User Interface and Control

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Undet Browser (point cloud viewer)

Undet Browser is standalone software, that connects your 3D point cloud files from UNDET project or the FARO SCENE Webshare Cloud service, allowing you to view objects or situations in clearly understandable full-resolution panoramic images.

How to run Undet Browser software:

Step 1. After installation, you will find the Undet browser app launching file in the Windows Start Menu.

Step 2. Once you open the Undet Browser program, you will see a login screen, here you can choose which data source to use:

A. Local UNDET project, to load and use it, you need to select your UNDET project *.ipcp file.


      2. The second option, to use the FARO SCENE Webshare Cloud Service, you need to enter your FARO account details.

  • Server name („Server“); | (for example: https://yourserver. websharecloud.com)
  • User login („Login“); | (for example: your loginID)
  • User password („Password“); | (for example: your password)


Undet Browser User Interface – Top Toolbar

NOTE: Several functions can be enabled at the same time.

Moves between action history (Back / Forward).
[Log out] – Log out to select a new project.
[Refresh] – Refresh browser view.
[Draw Points] – Enables / disables function to place point in the CAD model by clicking in Panoramic Scan View.
[Add Annotations] – Enables / disables function to add an annotation in Panoramic Scan View (only Webshare Cloud users).
[Add Herfs] – Enables / disables function to add a hyperlink to Panoramic Scan View screenshot when selecting 3D point in CAD model.
[Translate View Section] – Enables / disables function to update Undet Clipping Box location by clicking in panoramic scan view.
[Change Elevation] – Enables / disables function to assign Z value to draw new CAD object (line, polyline).
[Script] – Enables / disables to use written script.
[Settings]- Script settings dialogue to set the script you want to use.
[Scripting list] – Compilation of scripts for annotations.
[Z Offset] –  Allows you to adjust the annotations you’ve input by a specific Z value.
[Always on top] – Enables / disables “Always on top” windows mode.
[About] – Undet Browser version/update information.
[Help] – Link to Undet Browser user knowledge base.


Mini Map – a feature that allows you to view the scan locations of the entire project and current scan view direction. Click on it to enlarge.

Undet Browser Settings

Enabling point snapping and entering a specific mm value will enable you to select where to insert the point (nearest, minimum, or maximum).

To learn about Amazon S3 integration with Undet Browser please visit: 

AWS S3 account creation and project management with undet

AWS account setup guide

Add, remove and move beetween scripts


All instructions on how to use pre-built scripts and create custom scripts in Undet Browser are available in this comprehensive video tutorial. This tutorials provides step-by-step visual guidance, making it easier to understand and leverage the powerful scripting capabilities of Undet Browser.

Use Undet Browser scripts to automate annotation workflow in ARES Commander

Use Undet Browser scripts to automate annotation workflow in AutoCAD


Undet Browser Side Toolbar

1 Drop Down – Select existing group. 
2 Drop Down – Open selected scan position by the name. 
INT: 50 RGB: 50  – Coloring range of Intensity and RGB colors.

[Get Coordinates] – Get XYZ coordinates of selected point.
[Get Distance Z]- Measure height between to points (Z value)
[Get Distance XY]- Measure  2D distance between two points (XY value) 
[Get Distance XYZ] – Measure 3D distance between two points (XYZ value)
[Toggle Background] – Change background color. 
[Clipboard] – Copy measured value to clipboard. 

Postprocessing tools (only Undet Project users):
Exposure – Increase / decrease point cloud brightness.
Lights – Increase / decrease point cloud lights.
Shadows – Increase / decrease point cloud shadows.
Strength – Increase / decrease point cloud sharpness.
To reset settings  – double click the selected post-processing tool field


Right Mouse Click Tools

There are some functions accessible via the right mouse click (only Undet Project users).

Maximize/Restore – To maximize/restore the Undet Browser window.
Change Controlmode – Cursor control modes (follow), (moveto), (drag).
Views – Normal, FishEye, Stereographic, Architectural, Pannini, Little Planet views.
Refresh Groups – Update Undet Project groups if there were group changes in your current open project. Example (renamed group, moved group to another group, etc.)
Crop Schema – Crop only required place of Minimap for better performance and easier workflow. 

       Undet Browser Bottom Toolbar
       How to use Undet Browser: 

Updated 27-02-2022



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