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Visibility management tools Block

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Visibility management tools Block

visibility management tools

Visibility management tools Block will allow You to change and rotate view of either Point Cloud and Your model or even preview it in 3D.

By expanding main Open Undet Tool Box button You will be able to select from few options.

Note: latest used option will remain as quick use button in block.

open tool box open Opens Undet palette in case You closed it or it did not open after opening Undet for AutoCAD.

Quick tip: We recommend to keep Undet palette open all the time for fast navigation in Project files and properties.

C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\hide or show pointcloud.pnghide or show pointcloud Shows or Hides Point cloud data.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\custom xref.pngcustom xref Allows to insert another .dwg file into current file.

There are two drawing mode settings available: 3D Color Mode and 2D Black & White Mode.

C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\2d bandw color mode.png2d bandw color mode Turns drawing settings to 2D drawing mode. We recommend to use it only for raster image processing, finishing 2D drawings like annotating or hatching.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\3d color mode.png3d color mode Automatically turns on hardware accelerator and without it working with Point Cloud becomes impossible. It also changes visual style to Wireframe and will enable to color Point Cloud by predefined colors. We recommend to use this mode all the time despite the fact if You are working with 3D or 2D.

Quick tip: hardware accelerator also works in all others except for 2D wireframe visual styles.

For faster View management there are couple of view rotation options integrated.

view by line Rotates view to top view of defined line.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\view by object.pngview by object Rotates view to top view of defined object.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\view by ucs.pngview by ucs Rotates view to top view of active UCS.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\view by viewsection.pngview by viewsection Rotates view to active View Section view.
C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\3d orbit.png3d orbit Opens interactive 3D view of area which center is defined by picked point

Point Cloud Density


Point Cloud Density is a percentage of MAX_COUNT, which is the maximum number of points that can exist in a drawing, regardless of the number of Point Clouds attached to a single drawing. Value of MAX_COUNT depends on current view mode:

1.     If it is not active view section, MAX_COUNT = 1 500 000

2.     If it is active view section MAX_COUNT equal to value in Max. Visible Points Count field.

For example, if the system variable is set to 15, a maximum of 225,000 points are displayed at one time, even if there are multiple point clouds displayed on the screen. The 225,000 points are evenly distributed between the viewable point clouds.

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