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Deformation and ortho block

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In this tab You will be able to create surface deformation analysis and Ortho photo from point clouds information.

Deformation and ortho block
[Surface DEF]– creates surface deformation analysis of selected area.
[Vertical DEF] – analyzes vertical deformation according to statistically counted vertical base plane. Base plane is positioned in the mass center of the original point cloud surface.
[Custom DEF] – analyzes surface deformation by defined line, considered as a base plane.
[Pick Values] – annotates deformation values on picked on image.
[Ortho Actual]– creates orthophoto image of an actual point cloud surface size.
[Ortho Projected] – creates orthophoto image of vertically projected point cloud surface.
[Ortho Custom] – creates orthophoto image of vertically projected point cloud surface on a define line.
[Lines Vertical DEF] – Analyzes lines fitting to point clouds points creating vertical deformations images in active view section base.

Example: Surface deformation with interval count- 20 and interval count- 6.


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