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Interaction with Undet Browser (point cloud viewer)

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This is a guide to using the combination of Undet for Revit and Undet Browser to get a better understanding of ScantoBim workflow as well as how to use Undet browser to create raster images inside Revit.

The video introduces two new tools, “Call Browser” and “View Sync,” for working with point clouds in Revit. The “Call Browser” tool allows users to navigate to specific scan positions by selecting parameters related to laser scanner locations and panoramic images. The “View Sync” tool enables synchronization between a 3D view in Revit and panoramic images, facilitating a quick assessment of the project. The presenter demonstrates how to identify potential issues, mistakes, or missing elements by comparing both views. The tools are highlighted as valuable for Quality Control (QC) processes, aiding in the efficient identification of discrepancies and streamlining project evaluation.

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