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How to change temporary Undet Snap shortcut to your own?

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[ SHIFT + 1 ] is keyboard shortcut to temporarily enable/disable UNDET snapping to point cloud points. Follow instruction below how to change shortcut to your own:

Type: CUI – in your command line.

Customize User Interface dialog will pop up – you need to drop down “All customization files” and select “ierapointcloudbox.cuix”.

After that, you will need to find “Keyboard shortcuts” and drop it down like on picture below.

Number 4 means – there you need to change “Key(s)” to your own keyboard shortcut which you will use to activate our termporary Undet snap tool. Make sure you change to one that will not interfere with your workflow and press “Apply”, our shortcut has been changed, to change it back you need to do same steps as above.

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