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I’m trying to run Undet for SketchUp with NVIDIA Quadro graphics card, but I can’t load point cloud data

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It is related to video card drivers. To solve this issue follow the instructions below:

  1. Press Right mouse click on the Windows Start button;
  2. Choose “Device Manager”;
  3. Find Display Adapters and press on it;
  4. You will see your NVIDIA Quadro video card there;
  5. Press Right mouse click on it after that press “Uninstall device”;
  6. The dialog will appear before deleting, you need to put a tick on “Delete the driver software for this device” and press [Uninstall] button;
  7.  Restart your PC. After PC restarts please install these drivers from the link:!Aj47V_KhLr6o7BKd6UUfpjKgtXKX?e=MsbzlO

Or you can sign up with a meeting with our support team and they will fix this issue: .

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