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Coordinate system management

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Coordinate system management

If your Undet project scan data files are in a large / state coordinate system (for an example UAV, Airborne LiDAR), when opening a project in SketchUp a pop-up will request to Shift the project (0,0,0) point. You can find the Undet Coordinate System settings at: Extensions -> Undet -> Coordinate Systems.

image_2019_04_08T11_00_06_060Z System name: Here you can choose different coordinate systems. You can change your project coordinate system at any time.
Shift from start and rotation angles: You can manually insert these values to shift and rotate your project.
– Manually move point cloud

– Manually rotate point cloud

– Restore original coordinates values

Note: If you close an Undet project, the manually inserted coordinate transformation values will be lost. Please save them manually in a text file or take a screenshot of your transformation parameters.

For example: if you try to open an Undet project in a large coordinate system, Undet will suggest shifting the point cloud data to coordinates (0,0,0). You will be able at any time to change the coordinate system from (0,0,0) to the original with large numbers.

We do not recommend to create deliverables using the point cloud in a large coordinate system. It may cause errors in the modeling tools and start screen view glitching while zooming.

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