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Meshing and Draping block

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Using these Undet Meshing functions, You will be able to create, edit and manage surface mesh.

Meshing and Draping block
[Mesh] – Creates selected point cloud surface mesh.  
NOTE: This function only works with optimized or small coordinate systems. If you need to have a final result in global coordinates, you need to move the UNDET project to small coordinates and create the mesh then return to global ones. Video
Tutorial how to transfer UNDET project coordinates.
[Directional Mesh] – Creates selected point cloud surface mesh with defined direction.
[Mesh Export] – Exports mesh vertex points into TXT/ACS file format.
[Close Hole] – Closes hole in the selected surface.
[Decimate Mesh] – Decimates surface mesh by user specified percent.
[Remove Edges] – Removes long edges in the selected surface.
[Remove Spikes] – Removes selected surface spikes.
[Join Mesh] – Joins two selected meshes.
[Texture] – Creates texture from the image for the selected surface mesh.
[Section] – Creates sections for surface mesh.
[Volume] – Calculates piles volume for surface mesh.
[Piles Renumbering] – Automatically renumbers piles for volume report.
[Data Extraction] – Extracts drawing data and merges data from an external source to a data extraction table or external file.
[Drape Polyline] – Drapes polyline to point cloud points.
[Check 3D Polyline] – Check and adjust 3D polyline vertex heights.
[Fit 3D Polyline] – Unifies selected 3D polylines vertices Z position when XY coordinates are the same.
[Block to Mesh] – Drapes blocks/points to the mesh surface.
[Block to Points] – Drapes blocks/points to point cloud points
[Check Block Z] – Check and adjust blocks/points heights.
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