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Meshing Block

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 Meshing Block

C:\_DARBAI\Failai\Dokumentai\AutoCAD by me\working\meshing.pngmeshing

Using these Undet Meshing functions, You will be able to create, edit and manage surface mesh.

IMG_256 Mesh – Creates selected point cloud surface mesh
IMG_256 Directional Mesh – Creates selected point cloud surface mesh with defined direction
IMG_256 Close Hole – Closes hole in the selected surface
IMG_256 Decimate Mesh – Decimates surface mesh by user specified percent
IMG_256 Remove Long Edges – Removes long edges in the selected surface
IMG_256 Remove Spikes – Removes selected surface spikes
IMG_256 Join Mesh – Joins two selected meshes
IMG_256 Mesh Section – Creates sections for surface mesh
IMG_256 Volume – Calculates piles volume for surface mesh
IMG_256 Piles Renumbering – Automatically renumbers piles for volume report
IMG_256 Data extraction – Extracts drawing data and merges data from an external source to a data extraction table or external file
IMG_256 Texture –  Creates texture from the image for the selected surface mesh
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