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Advanced settings

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Project will be used with “Undet for AutoCAD” This option is only required when the project will be used with Undet for AutoCAD software, additional files are created for the project and the indexing process takes a little longer. We recommend to take this option off if you are not using Undet for AutoCAD.  
Create an RCP file for use with “Undet for Revit” This option is only necessary when the project will be used with Undet for Revit software. An additional RCP file is created for the project,  and the indexing process takes longer. We recommend turning off this option if you are not using Undet for Revit.
Create Undet Browser Project This option required when you are planning to use our Undet Browser solution. It required on to create panoramic images and the indexing process takes a little longer. Undet Browser works as a 3D panoramic image viewer and connects 3D point cloud files from an Undet project with the CAD model space via Undet plug-ins. Learn more.
Remove duplicate points within 2mm spacing This is an additional option to filter out very dense points (duplicates in 2mm 3D distance), which is necessary to create 3D models, or 2D drawings in scale 1:200-1:50. We strongly recommend using this function. Example below.
Use specified limits Some time is necessary to use a project clipping box (project area boundaries) to eliminate noise points or create an Undet project only in the required location.
In “Global Project Boundaries” if you need you can insert your project MIN – MAX meanings for each coordinate.             
Custom Offset Allows users to manually adjust the positioning or alignment of the point cloud data according to their specific requirements within a given coordinate system. This feature is useful for precise alignment with other models or reference points and compensating for variations in data acquisition or registration.
Separate projects Creates point cloud files from choosen files separately.
Show this dialog every time To show advanced settings dialog every time while creating Undet project.


Remove duplicate points within 2mm spacing example:

As an example, a terrestrial laser scanner is collecting very dense points near the scan station. Basically, you don’t these points. Lighter point cloud – smoother performance.

Data with 2mm filtering

(Total point count: 18 863 247)

Data without 2mm filtering

(Total point count: 42 947 892)

Top view Top view
Side view (5 meters away) Side view (5 meters away)
Project size: 0.55 GB Project size: 1.07 GB


Global Project Boundaries example:

Undet project created without project clipping box (all data) Undet project created without project clipping box (all data).
Silver box is clipping area to create Undet project. Undet project created using global project boundaries feature.


Additional feature available to import and index random TXT formats:

To import not structured TXT point cloud data files, you can manually set file data format. Clicking in format column on the selected file “Add…”

In the next dialog, you will need to select data file: separators and column fields for column values: X, Y, Z, R, G, B, and intensity.

Check disk space feature (while indexing)

To create Undet project you need triple (3x) size on your HARD DRIVE according to your scan data file size. As an example: scan data files size (20 pcs.  of *. e57 files 10GB), so you will need 30GB free disk space.
If you have enough disk space for project creation, please disable the “check disk space” option and the indexing process will be much faster.

Otherwise, with enabled “check disk space” function, software during the indexing process will inform you that you don’t have enough disk space and you will be able to free up disk space and continue the indexing process.
Please note that this strongly slows down the indexing process.

Updated 13-12-2023

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