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3D Point Cloud block

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To use 3D Point Cloud section functions, you must load the Recap Point Cloud project in the Undet “Add Slice: dialogue by clicking and converting the active Undet project into a Recap file. The cropping tools are free to use even after „Undet for Revit“ the trial period.

Call Browser – Opens Panorama of selected scan position in Undet Browser.


Crop/Un-crop – loaded RCP file cropping function by an irregular polygon.

Crop – select the area to crop. Un-crop – show full point cloud.
Using crop tools*, you will be able to crop the Recap point cloud by an irregular polygon

* Try to avoid very acute geometric angles by marking the polygon. Otherwise, the cropping function may not work correctly.


Hide/Show – Hide/Show loaded RCP point cloud.

Hide Show


Colouring settings – RCP file colouring mode switching.

Video tutorial on how to use 3D point cloud management tool:

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