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Graphical user interface and control

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Undet ToolBox tab will be located on the very end of regular AutoCAD ribbon list after successful Undet installation.

Undet ToolBox tab

The Undet Project Tool Box will also appear in the screen. This will be main tab in the beginning of every new project. From here You will be able to create new or load existing project.

In case Undet Project tab will not appear after installation You can always open it from Undet Tool Box ribbon -> Visibility management tools tab.

Undet ToolBox palette

Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar displays frequently used UNDET tools. Place the Quick Access Toolbar either above or below the ribbon using the Customization button.

Undet for AutoCAD ribbon menu
The ribbon menu is divided into the following blocks:

Visibility management block.
Work plane (UCS) block.
Draw block.
Modify block.
3D Modeling block.
Section block.
Automatic feature extraction
Meshing and Draping block.
Deformation and ortho block.
Layers block.
Section extrusion block.

Watch a video below that shows more about Undet How to start quick guide

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