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Can I scale / resize point clouds with Undet for SketchUp?

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Undet keeps initial file structure and scale. By using the “coordinate system transformation” tools you can shift and rotate the Undet project, but scaling is disabled.

All scan data files should be registered and on the same scale and coordinate system

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  1. Robert Glover

    DroneDeploy’s pointcloud exports are 1.3x scale on X and Y. Since I’m only using them for logistics imagery its not a big deal that it’s the wrong scale, but the real kicker is that the Z axis isn’t scaled. As such I need to be able to scale down the X and Y or scale up the Z. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this. Thanks.

  2. Marius

    I think such raw data cannot be used, You need to contact the DroneDeplay team and ask how to get correct scale results.

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