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How to load the Undet point cloud project when starting a new Revit project.

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When starting a new Revit project and aiming to load an Undet point cloud, you should navigate to the Undet menu and access the Slice Manager.

If you haven’t created an Undet point cloud project yet, you should open the Undet Indexer and initiate the project creation process . For instructions on creating a project, refer to the tutorial available here.

If you have already prepared your Undet point cloud project and wish to open it, click “Open Point Cloud Project.”

After selecting the .ipcp file you wish to open, you will be presented with two options to insert the Undet project:

  1. Adjust to undefined coordinates near the survey base point.
  2. Adjust to ‘Internal’ site coordinates.

The first option inserts a point cloud near the survey base point without precise alignment to specific coordinates. The second option aligns the point cloud with internal site coordinates in your Revit project, ensuring more accurate spatial alignment. Choose the second option when precise positioning is crucial.

Before starting the modelling process, setting up the project is essential.

1. Previewing Point Cloud:

  • Go to the site plan.
  • Click “Preview” for a low-quality image indicating the Point Cloud’s location and orientation.

  • Use the Undet move tool to adjust the Point Cloud if necessary.

2. Orienting the Point Cloud (this step can be skipped if you have the correct point cloud position and orientation)

  • Create a Detail Line along a straight wall.

  • Access “Undet Rotate” and define the center and end of rotation by snapping to detail line ends.

  • Rotate to the horizontal plane, then delete the line.

  • Center the Point Cloud using the Move tool.

3. Setting Up Levels:

  • Create a section cutting through the building.

  • Click “Preview” to check the elevation of the Point Cloud.

  • Adjust levels to match the actual building levels. (First, you will need to improve image quality)
    • In the Slice Manager, choose Center View and a resolution.
    • Click “Define Area” and set it over the preview image.

    • Manage raster images in the Raster Manager.

  • Adjust levels based on the clear lines visible in the Slice Manager.

You’re ready to start modelling in Revit using the loaded Point Cloud.

TIP: After completing manual alignment and closing the project, ALWAYS select ‘Adjust to the last used & modified UNDET coordinates’ when reopening the project.

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