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How to create and load Undet Project in ARES Commander

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This tutorial demonstrates importing point cloud files, creating an Undet point cloud project, and seamlessly loading it into Ares Commander. By following these steps, new users will gain a solid understanding of the process and be able to elevate their next steps in working with point clouds.

Creating and loading Undet Point Cloud Projects in ARES Commander:

  1. Open Undet menu in ARES Commander.
  2. Click “New” to open the Undet Indexer window in the Project Management tab.
  3. Select the appropriate project type for the point cloud you want to use, such as scanned building data.
  4. click “Add Files” in the following dialogue to select the point cloud files you want to import.
  5. You can select multiple files and organize them into groups if needed. You can also rename the groups or individual files.
  6. Click “Create Project” to proceed and review the settings.
  7. Uncheck the options (AutoCAD, Revit) if you only plan to use the point cloud project within ARES Commander, then click “OK.”
  8. Choose the location where you want to save the project and provide a name for it. Click “Save” to create the Undet project.
  9. Undet will index and convert the files into an Undet project.
  10. Once the project creation is finished, click “OK” to close the dialogue.
  11. To open an existing project, go to the Project Management tab and click on “Open.”
  12. Select the Point Cloud project you want to open.
  13. The ARES Commander will see the imported point cloud files. You can also access the Scan Data window to control the visibility of each file.


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