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Undet tools for ARES Commander to speed up drawing annotations from Point Clouds

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The workshop covers:

Adding Altitudes to Floor Plans:

  1. Demonstrates how to add altitude levels to floor plans by snapping to point cloud points.
  2. Introduces snapping blocks for different levels.
  3. Emphasizes the importance of maintaining consistency in coordinate systems.

Customizing Snapping Blocks:

  1. It shows how to customize snapping blocks by copying and modifying existing ones.
  2. Advise on caution when altering attribute definition names to match modifications in blocks.

Using Browser Scripts for Automation:

  1. Introduces Undet browser scripts to automate floor plan annotation workflow.
  2. Provide 50 prepared scripts for various floor plan annotations.
  3. Demonstrates the customization of scripts and blocks to meet specific requirements.

Annotating Sections and Elevations:

  1. Explains the use of special blocks for annotating levels in sections and elevations.
  2. Highlights the importance of exploding blocks before delivering drawings to prevent accidental modifications.


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