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Meshing & Texturing

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Undet4AutoCAD features video tutorial:

  • Point cloud meshing inside AutoCAD
  • Ground surface meshing
  • Meshing irregular objects / ruins
  • Texture mapping

Meshing is often a must to have feature when dealing with point clouds. We experienced it many time by ourselves. In such tasks like ground surface extraction, 3D modeling of irregular shape objects or visualization and analysis of complicated surfaces, meshing is a need. For this purpose we created a comprehensive meshing functionality that is applicable in many different ways.

Meshing Ground Surface

Undet meshing algorithms will very precisely select only ground surface and eliminate trashes and other objects such like vegetation, houses, cars, pedestrians etc. Mesh editing tools will allow you to joint several different meshes, close holes, remove long edges and spikes. Additionaly, there is a mesh sectioning possibility for roadways or surface profiling.


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