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License activation procedure

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After Undet for Revit installation by default, you will have a free trial for 7 days.

Undet for Revit license option:

  • Node-locked license (1 – month license)
  • USB Dongle license (Annual and perpetual licenses)
  • Network (floating) license (Annual and perpetual licenses)

Undet license can be bought from our website by clicking “Get Activation” in Undet for Revit License Manager

https://www.undet.com/purchase-undet-for-revit/ – (link to order Undet license).

Node-locked license

Node-locked licenses are unique for each computer and are tied to the system hardware. If you are to replace major system components you should not be able to activate software on the renewed system with the same codes*

The Undet software Node-locked license type requires your system digital codes to be activated.

– Site code:

– MID:

Undet license manager can be opened in Undet ribbon menu by clicking “About”

* In this case, please contact our support team info@undet.com

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