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Work plane (UCS) block

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In Work plane (UCS) block You will find all Undet options related to managing work planes and navigating in them. Besides native AutoCAD functions, we added few Undet function for better work plane management.

Work plane (UCS) block
You can create smart cross sections, move and rotate them. After creating of cross section Smart Board will automatically set the UCS on defined drafting plane so you will always draw in the correct place. After activating Smart Board your window will be divided in to 3 viewports.
Drafting plane viewport (Ex.1)
Shows point cloud cross section and hides any previously modeled features. Objects in this viewport should not be rotated because it is your drafting board.
WCS Front viewport (Ex.2)
Shows point cloud and all features from the front view.
WCS Top viewport (Ex.3)
Shows point cloud and all features from the top view.
move work planeMoves UCS on new surface.
set work planeSets up UCS on selected surface.

Smart Board

IMG_256Smart Board dialog box will also appear after activating it. With the help of this dialog box you can create smart sections, manage their thickness, position and track UCS. If you would like to quit Smart Board, press close button (x) in the upper right corner of the dialog. You will come back to the primary position of point cloud, the same just before activating Smart Board.
IMG_256Creates cross section. Section’s middle is defined by line.
IMG_256Creates cross section that is perpendicular to the line. View section’s middle is defined by the first point of the line. Drawing cross section line along the object will create object’s profile at the first point of the line.
IMG_256Shows yours drafting plane (cross section middle) as a grid which can be moved and rotated using grips.
IMG_256Restores your UCS in the drafting plane viewport and default WCS Front and Top viewport views.

All of the rest UCS commands in this block are original AutoCAD commands.

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