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How to load an Undet point cloud project when an RCP (Recap) file is already attached to the Revit model.

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This manual guides you through loading an Undet point cloud project into Revit when an RCP (Recap) file is attached. These steps will ensure accurate alignment and integration of the Undet point cloud with your Revit model.

Step 1: Open Revit

Launch Autodesk Revit and open the project where you have already attached the RCP file.

Step 2: Access Undet Menu

Navigate to the Undet menu within Revit and open ‘slice manager.’

Step 3: Select “Open Point Cloud Project”

Click “Set Project” within the Slice Manager and choose the Undet project file (.ipcp) associated with your point cloud data.

Step 5: Adjust to ‘***.rcp’ Coordinates

Important! Select “Adjust to ‘***.rcp’ point cloud coordinates.” Undet will read the coordinates from your RCP file and insert the point cloud aligned to your model.

Step 6: Confirm Alignment

To verify that the Undet point cloud is correctly inserted, create a view section and press “Preview” in the Undet Slice Manager. Check if everything is aligned correctly.

Following these steps ensures the seamless integration of an Undet point cloud project into your Revit model when an RCP file is already attached. After finishing all the steps, you can unload or remove the .rcp file.

TIP: The UNDET Slice Manager can help you load a 3D point cloud anytime.

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