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Can I snap to point cloud points?

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Yes, you can snap to point cloud points in ARES Commander by using Undet for Ares snapping tools.
Snap to Point Cloud Enables/Disables snapping to point cloud points.
Snapping Options N – Snaps to Nearest point
H – Snaps to the Highest point Z value
L – Snaps to the Lowest point Z value
Search Radius Search radius for finding the highest or lowest point.
Step by step to start using Undet snapping tools:
1.Open your point cloud data in Undet for Ares.
2.Ensure the point cloud is visible and aligned with your drawing.
3.Activate the snapping feature by pressing the “Snap to point cloud button.”
4.Customize Snapping options and Search Radius if needed.
5.Moving your cursor over the point cloud it will snap to the individual points, allowing you to reference and work with them accurately.
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