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Undet palette Project tab

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After successfully creating and opening project Project Tool Box will be filled with properties of launched .IPCP project file.

Undet Toolbox palette
Opens a standalone Undet point cloud project creator (Undet Indexer).
Opens an existing Undet project file and inserts point cloud data to the current drawing.
Closes current Undet project file and removes point cloud data from the current drawing.
Draw elevation/section line with view direction mark.
Generate elevation/section drawings by selected lines and add (xref) to the main drawing.
Unroll active view section according to the selected polyline configuration as a new Undet project.
Project fileShows location and name of loaded project.
Project typeShows the type of loaded project which determine preview point grid.
Point CountShows the total number of points of loaded project.
decimated points
Shows count of all preview points grid.
Max. Visible Points CountShows the number of maximum points, which can be visible in your active View section. If View section is too big and number of points exceeds the value, specified in this field, the Preview Mode will be turned on.
Coordinate SystemAllows to modify or create coordinate system of Point Cloud. Available options – metric, inches, millimeters.
Add/Modify – Custom coordinate system.
Note: If AutoCAD hangs after changing the coordinates system , you have to wait for it to recover as AutoCAD engine tries to render your point cloud.
(x, y, z)
Shows the difference between the origin of Project coordinate system and the origin of Original coordinate system.
ScaleSpecifies the scale of imported point cloud.
RotationSpecifies the rotation angle of imported point cloud.
Min PointCoordinates of lowest point in the point cloud.
Max PointCoordinates of highest point in the point cloud.
Intensity (min, max)The range of color intensity of the point cloud.
Removed duplicates (mm)Shows if there was any duplicate points removed.
View Section boundaryAllows to personalize color, line weight and transparency settings of view section boundary.
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