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Controlling point cloud density with advanced settings

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In this video, you will learn how to control Point Cloud density in Undet for ARES Commander software. The UNDET software has a double file structure with preview points and all points, and users can switch between them. Only the preview points are visible when there is no active clipping box (point cloud slice).

Users can create a small clipping box or resize existing point cloud slicing to load all points. Deactivating the clipping box will switch back to the preview points. You can check the indicator in the scan data manager to determine whether you are using preview points or all points. When the indicator color is red, it means you see only the preview points. Once you activate a clipping box, the indicator colour will become green, indicating that you see all the points (full resolution points).

To control the density of the points, you can adjust the size of the clipping box. Making the clipping box smaller will increase the density and load more points while making it larger will decrease the density and show fewer points. The software automatically switches between preview points and all points based on the density threshold. Usually, when inside your clipping box, there are less than 16mil of points (threshold to load total density value), the software will show maximum density, and the indicator will be green. If the inside clipping box will be more than 16mil of points (threshold to load total density value) you will see preview points, and the indicator will be red.

There is also a preview points density setting that allows you to control the preview points’ density precisely. By adjusting the preview points density slider, you can increase or decrease the number of preview points loaded per project.

Some valuable settings and tips mentioned in the video include:

High-performance mode: Activating this mode automatically sets the preview points density to 50 percent.

High visibility setting: Activating this setting changes the preview points density to 100 percent.

Project properties: By checking the properties, you can see the number of previews and full-density points per project. Adjusting these parameters can help optimize the settings for working with large point clouds.

Threshold to load total density: this value can be adjusted to your hardware performance. 16milions of point is the default value, but it can be increased to 64 million+

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