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How to adjust surface analysis schema interval?

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Questions: Can you adjust the UNDET Schema interval? Can you change units from metric to imperial?

The answer to the first part of your question is yes. You can create a new one or adjust the current colour schema to suit your needs.

1. In the properties tab, select analysis display and click edit.

2. Expand the analysis display styles window by clicking on the current analysis display style.

3. You can create a new or duplicate one of the current analysis display styles.

4. I will duplicate the current, and name it as changed values.

5. After that, select the colour tab. In this tab, you will be able to adjust values and change the colours of the selected colour schema.

6. To adjust values, simply click on them and overwrite them. In this case, we will change our scheme values from 90, 60, 30,15, 0, -15,-30,-60,-90 to 70, 50, 30, 10, 0,  -10, -30, -50, -70.

7. You can also add or remove additional values.

8. Finally, to change the schema’s min and max values, you will have to define this while creating surface analysis and changing the depth inside and depth outside values.

The changing units option is not available right now. We already registered this issue for the following update. Right now, the scheme is only available in mm. At this time, the only way to see deformation values in inches would be to convert them from mm to inch manually and enter those values while editing schema colour parameters. Numbers would still remain in mm, but the colour value range would be in inches.

Here is a video of the UNDET surface analysis tool functionality


If you have more questions about the surface analysis tool or any other UNDET for Revit functionality, send us an email to info@undet.com

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