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Modelling Tools Block

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Fit Wall

The 🔸 FIT WALL 🔸aims to speed up wall modelling in Revit using point cloud data and automatically executes the following steps:

✅ 1. Model a wall in 3 clicks

✅ 2. If the Revit model already has a wall of this width, this tool will insert it.

✅ 3. If it doesn’t find a wall of that width, it will automatically create one based on the accuracy step you set.

✅ 4. And with the Chain Wall option enabled, you can model wall chains continuously.

Fit wall tool settings:

Wall Type Choose an existing wall type.
Location Line Choose the line that represents the baseline or reference line of a wall.
Base & Offset Choose the base level of the wall and adjust its offset if necessary.
Top & Offset Choose the Top level of the wall and adjust its offset if necessary.
Create New Type A new wall type will be automatically created if the width exceeds the chosen type by the defined step.
Step Step for creating new wall type.
Chain Wall Automatically joins walls created sequentially, one after another.
4 Point Arc Wall Let you draw an arc wall by choosing the fourth point.
Naming (New Type) Specify a name for automatically created walls.


NOTE: To change settings, press ESC once; to exit “Fit Wall,” press ESC twice.



4 Point Arc Wall Fit wall
Chain wall on


For a full tutorial on how to use, watch the video:


Topo Creation and Projection

Create Topo surface projected on point Cloud

To Create Topo Surface:

1. Click on the Topo Creation button, select boundaries and add points inside:

2. Press ESC – your topo is created:


To Project Topo Surface, press on the Topo Projection button and select Surface to project on point cloud:

Before Projection on point cloud:

After projection on point cloud:

For a full tutorial on how to use this tool, watch the following video:


Instance Parameters To Type Parameters

The 🔸 Instance Parameters to Type Parameters 🔸 feature converts instance type parameters objects into type parameters. If you are using instance parameters for faster modelling, you can convert the selected Windows and Doors objects to Type Parameters objects as should be in BIM models by using this new tool.


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