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Keeping Your Undet for SketchUp Up-to-Date: A Guide to Checking and Updating

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To make the most of its features and benefit from the latest improvements, it’s crucial to ensure you are using the newest version. This knowledge base article will guide you through the process of checking your current Undet version and updating it to the latest release/build.

Checking Your Current Version:

Open SketchUp and navigate to the “Extensions” menu.
Select “Undet” from the list to access the Undet toolbar.
Click “About”.

Here, you should find information about the installed version.

Checking for Updates:
To ensure you’re using the latest version, follow these steps to check for updates:

Updating Undet for SketchUp through Windows Search:

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard or click on the Windows icon in the taskbar to open the Start Menu.
  2. In the search bar, start typing “Undet for SketchUp Updater.”
  3. Once the Updater is listed, click on it to launch the application.

Updating Undet for SketchUp through SketchUp Application:

  1. Launch the SketchUp application on your computer.
  2. In the top menu bar, find and click on “Extensions.”
  3. From the Extensions menu, locate and click on “Undet.” (This will be in the form of a sub-menu.)
  4. Within the Undet extension, there should be an option named “Check for Updates”. Click on this option.
  5. If there are updates available, SketchUp will guide you through the update process with on-screen instructions and summary of the update.

Setting Up Automatic Updates for Undet for SketchUp:

In addition to manually checking for updates, you can configure Undet for SketchUp to automatically update when new releases become available. Follow these steps to enable automatic updates:

Keep in mind that bug fixes, new builds, and improvements for Undet are designed for the latest version of SketchUp. To benefit from these updates, ensure both your SketchUp application and Undet are running the most recent releases. Regularly check for updates in both applications to maintain compatibility and access the latest features.
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