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Mastering basic Undet features for efficient point cloud management in ARES Commander

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This video covers the fundamental features of Undet software to manage point clouds efficiently within Ares Commander, from changing point cloud coloring to organizing point cloud slices and managing scan file visibility.

Undet allows you to import and handle point cloud data from any 3D laser scanner or drone mapping system directly inside the ARES Commander, regardless of project size or number of scan positions.

Key Features of Undet Point Cloud Plugin for ARES Commander:

  1. Point Cloud Import: Import and handle point cloud data from any 3D laser scanner or drone mapping system.
  2. Point Cloud Visibility Control: Easily control the visibility of point cloud groups or individual files.
  3. Coloring Modes: Change the coloring mode to see RGB colors, coloring by height intensity, and more.
  4. Point Cloud Point Size: Adjust the size of point cloud points for better visualization.
  5. Transparency Mode: Adjust the transparency mode settings to make the main point cloud outlines stand out.
  6. Point Cloud Clipping Tools: Use the clip-by-line or clip-by-rectangle tools to create individual view sections and see the finest details of the point cloud in full resolution.
  7. Undet Browser: Combine 3D point cloud with scanning position 360-degree panoramic images for easy and fast point cloud visibility management.
  8. Measured Building Surveys: Use ARES Commander with Undet for measured building surveys, creating floor plans, sections, and elevations.
  9. Topography Plans: Create accurate 3D models and topography plans using specialized tools to drape 2D lines and blocks over point cloud surfaces, extract terrain mesh, and create contour lines.
  10. Road Profiles: Create road profiles from 3D point cloud mesh, slice mesh, and project 2D lines on selected mesh surfaces.


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