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Export Clipping Box

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You can find the Undet Export Clipping Box at: Extensions -> Undet -> Export Clipping Box.

Export Clipping Box
The latest “Undet Indexer” is required for this feature to work smoothly.
Download it from here or from the software by pressing [Export Clipping Box] button.

This function exports your clipping box as a new Undet project with full existing point cloud points in the box. Using this feature you can export whatever you want from your exsiting project as single new project – room, trees, buildings and etc.

For example below we have project with some another buildings in it, but we need only one building in our project. In that case you can clip it ant export it as new project for yourself or share to colleagues.

A project with a few unnecessary things, but we only need the building in the middle as a new Undet project.
Crop the necessary build using “Undet Clipping Box” toolbar tools. After cropping use [Export Clipping Box] tool to export your box as a new Undet project.
Saving dialog appears, please choose location and type your new project name and press [Save]. You need to wait until the exportation processes finishes.
Finally, after opening new Undet exported project you will only have one building in it without unnecessary stuff around the building.
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